How travel healed my broken heart

I recently wrote an article for wowtravelersworld about a topic that was very raw to me. It was the first time I had put pen to paper about the catalyst to my travelling. Check it out if you’d like. The rest of the article is linked at the end of this excerpt.

Sitting on the couch typing this article I know I am much stronger now than the girl I was three years ago. Planning a solo trip to Berlin would have been a foreign concept to the old me. Yet here I am. Healing my heart. Googling away. Feeding my soul and adventuring, by myself. I have been told by friends and strangers that writing is cathartic and it helped them through the heart ache of break ups. The physical action of putting your thoughts and emotions into words and transferring them from deep inside your shattered heart, your fragile mind, your broken soul, to paper is said to be liberating. Taking the negative feelings that have been swirling around your mind and releasing this pain that you have forced down deep inside, letting it live somewhere other than inside your head helps. Right? One of my good friends even bought me a journal and encouraged me in soothing tones to use it and write my anger and pain away. I think I opened it once. ‘Writing isn’t for me’, I thought. I can deal with the tears and the ache that catches in your chest and makes it hard to…

Source: How travel healed my broken heart


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